Virtual Coaching by Mrs. Judy Disney



1-Hour virtual coaching! Which can include:

  • Practical application and/or integration of Human Performance and Advanced Error Reduction concepts
  • Executive and leadership coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • High team performance

Judy has been teaching people in manufacturing about Human Performance for over 10 years! Her skills and experience help her to reach people in all levels of an organization; from the worker on the shop floor, all the way up to the Directors of a business. Judy is retired from Alcoa, where she worked as a front line supervisor, a department manager and a plant systems manager. Since joining FIT, she has traveled around the world teaching people of many countries and cultures how to embrace and be passionate about the Science of Human Performance. She teaches worker classes, supervisor classes, manager classes and advocate/train-the-trainer classes. Judy and her husband reside in Iowa.

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