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4-Day Advanced Cause Analysis Workshop



Our 4-Day workshop improves the capabilities of individuals to effectively lead cause analysis teams, identify the causes of incidents, and identify optimal solutions that either prevent incident recurrence or reduce the risk to acceptable levels. 



Attendees are taught proven project management approaches for leading cause analysis teams, as well as provided advanced training in human performance fundamentals, cause analysis techniques, and corrective action plan development approaches.   Topics include:

  • How to effectively manage cause analysis teams and ensure successful outcomes
  • Human performance fundamentals, including the impact of personality on individual and team performance
  • Proven processes for performing efficient and effective cause analysis
  • Interviewing skills
  • Eight analytical techniques and their application to single and multi-incident cause analysis
  • How to identify the causal and contributing factors that resulted in an incident
  • Methods for determining an incident’s broader ramifications (Extent of Condition / Extent of Cause)
  • How to identify and evaluate prior occurrences for relevance to the current incident
  • A structured approach for developing lean and effective corrective action plans
  • Principles for writing effective cause analysis reports



Attendees will perform cause analysis on two separate incidents while completing the following hands-on experiential learning activities:

  • Understanding Personality Tendencies
  • Determining Human Error Types
  • Interviewing
  • Barrier Analysis
  • Change Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Event and Causal Factors Charting
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Organizational and Programmatic Analysis
  • Why Analysis
  • Extent of Condition Determination
  • Extent of Cause Determination
  • Corrective Action Plan Development

Duration and Delivery Format: 4 Days – Classroom  

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