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Title:   Advanced Major Incident Analysis Workshop 

Overview:   Our Advanced Major Incident Analysis Workshop improves the capability of organizations to permanently solve their most significant and complex problems, thereby improving safety, quality and productivity.   The course equips highly experienced incident analysts, individuals seeking initial training as incident analysts, and managers responsible for incident investigations with knowledge and skills that facilitate performing better investigations and identifying stronger corrective action plans.   

  • Topics include:  
  • Human performance fundamentals from an incident perspective 
  • Tips for effectively managing incident analysis teams and ensuring successful outcomes 
  • Proven incident analysis processes, tools, and techniques 
  • Structured approaches for determining the Extent of Condition and the Extent of Cause 
  • Analyzing prior occurrences for relevance to the incident under investigation 
  • Identifying all root causes behind the human behaviors and equipment failures that produced the incident 
  • Identifying contributing factors that allowed the incident to be more consequential than it otherwise would have been 
  • Elements of lean and effective corrective action plans 
  • Attendees will participate in numerous hands-on experiential learning activities, such as:  
  • Determining Human Error Types 
  • Interviewing 
  • Barrier Analysis 
  • Change Analysis 
  • Task Analysis 
  • Event and Causal Factors Charting 
  • Fault Tree Analysis 
  • Deviation Analysis 
  • Why Analysis 
  • Extent of Condition/Extent of Cause Determination 
  • Identifying Optimal Corrective Actions 

Duration and Delivery Format: 4 Days – Classroom  

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