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What Is Basic Cause Analysis?

In a professional environment, Basic Cause Analysis is the process of investigating workplace safety hazards and safety protocols after an incident or injury occurs. It’s the process of determining what core events or issues led to the incident occurring and how the opportunity for it to occur was created. Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT) is invested in cause analysis and helping companies determine how to best reduce occupational safety hazards, leading to greater employee satisfaction. With our help, you’ll be able to identify the root cause of any previous injuries and create a corrective action program to ensure similar incidents don’t happen moving forward.

FIT’s Cause Analysis Training & Coaching

The first step to increase occupational safety is to take a look at your company’s processes as a whole and conduct in-depth investigations. FIT’s specialists not only provide training sessions on how to go about this type of research, but also provide leadership and mentoring. We will conduct our own cause analysis review of a client’s past incidents, while serving as a guide for a client’s own cause analysis team. This all incorporates Common Factors Assessments to identify and address dominant drivers for adverse performance trends, so you can move forward with accurate, reliable data.

Now is the time to take the first step in increasing employee safety and preventing losses. FIT’s virtual workshops are available for managers and supervisors alike to implement regular cause analysis:

Corrective Action Program Development & Enhancement

A critical component of FIT’s workplace consulting services with regards to cause analysis is implementing a corrective action program (CAP). This is the process of creating a plan to remove all existing and potential factors that could contribute to employee dangers or injuries. Through FIT’s consultations, you’ll have the resources to create and enhance your own CAP procedures, cause analysis processes, and cause analysis training. This is important to empowering your employees, empowering management, and ensuring the company’s processes are optimized to run quickly and smoothly.

At FIT, we pride ourselves on helping companies and businesses identify potential areas of danger. This is exactly why we help our clients identify potential gaps in achieving excellence and issues in CAPs; after which we provide our recommendations for closing said gaps. Let us evaluate your own cause analysis reports and CAPs and offer expert advice on enhancing strengths and managing weaknesses!

What Is Basic Cause Analysis?

Fisher Improvement Technologies is proud to give clients in North Carolina and beyond all the resources they need to increase efficiency and occupational satisfaction. Explore our virtual coaching sessions and educational classes to improve your overall professional performance. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you achieve excellence!


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