Incident Analysis / Root Cause



  • In-process mentoring for Incident Analysis and Common Factors Assessment teams
  • Mentoring for management and quality professionals responsible for assessing the quality of Incident Investigation Reports


  • On-site leadership for Incident Analysis teams investigating major incidents
  • On-site or remote performance of Common Factors Assessments involving multiple events or adverse trends in performance

Program Development/Improvement

  • Corrective Action Programs
  • Incident Analysis Processes (e.g., Root Cause Analysis; Common Factors Assessments)
  • Analyst training and qualification protocols
  • Incident Investigation Report Approver training and qualification protocols


  • Identification of gaps impeding the achievement of excellence in client Corrective Action Programs and Incident Analysis, along with recommendations for closing those gaps
  • Evaluation of Incident Investigation Reports and associated corrective action plans for potential weaknesses


Open Enrollment Workshops


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