If you’re looking to improve human and organizational performance, Fisher Improvement Technologies is the perfect resource for you. We offer a holistic approach that covers everything from structure and equipment to personnel knowledge and capabilities. Our new book, Understanding Mental Models, can help you take your performance to the next level, both in your personal life and your professional life. Learn more and get in touch with us or purchase our book today!

What Is the Book About?Our book, Understanding Mental Models, is all about understanding various mental models we use to reduce mistakes and improve task performance. A mental model is a simplified representation of reality that we use to make decisions and guide our actions. Everyone has mental models, but not everyone takes the time to understand them or how they work. Our book provides a great starting point for those who have never used mental models or who are looking to brush up on their understanding.

How Does It Help You?

If you can learn to understand your own mental models, you can learn to make better decisions, take action more effectively, and reduce the probability that you will make a mistake, especially one that could be catastrophic. Not only will you learn about the different types of mental models when you read this book, but you’ll also get tips and exercises for improving your own decision-making skills, as well as how to better understand human success and failure.

What Are the Benefits of Understanding Mental Models?

There are many benefits to understanding mental models. When you understand how your mental models work, you can:

  • Reduce mistakes by questioning your assumptions
  • Improve your problem-solving skills by learning how to identify the root cause of an issue
  • Improve task performance by choosing the suitable mental model for the situation
  • Make better decisions by understanding how your mental models influence your thinking
  • Enhance your creativity by learning how to generate new ideas

If you’re looking for a resource on human performance improvement, Fisher Improvement Technologies is the perfect solution for you. Purchase our new book and learn how to practically apply performance modes today!

How to Use This Book for Maximum Benefit

This book is designed to be used as a reference guide. You can read it from cover to cover, or you can dip in and out of it as needed. Each chapter covers a different topic, and you can refer back to specific sections as needed.

If you’re serious about human performance improvement, then we recommend reading this book from cover to cover and taking the time to really digest the information. But if you’re short on time, then you can still get a lot of value from skimming through the chapters and picking out the key points.

If you’re looking for an effective, reliable way to improve human performance, Understanding Mental Models can be a great resource for you! We have worked hard to create a book that uses our decades of personal and professional experience, knowledge about mental models, passion for helping others reduce human error, and real-world examples to provide you with a comprehensive guide. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy from Fisher Improvement Technologies or Amazon or reach out to us with any questions you may have today! We’re happy to serve as an additional resource for you while you read this book or after you’ve finished it.