Online Root Cause Analysis Workshop


Our Online Root Cause Analysis Workshop combines self-paced learning with instructor-led virtual sessions. Participants will learn a rigorous approach for identifying the root cause(s) of any significant incident that impacts your company, as well as a structured approach for developing effective corrective action plans that permanently reduce the risk of incident recurrence to acceptable levels.   

Part 1 (self-paced learning) consists of two hours of online narrated content and interactive quizzes, which lay the foundation for performing effective RCAs. Topics include How & Why Incidents Occur, Human and Organizational Performance Principles, and Roles/Responsibilities associated with the RCA process. (Note: you must join our "Fisher Improvement Technologies Online" platform to complete Part 1!)

Part 2 (instructor-led learning) involves 9 hours of instruction spread over three LIVE virtual classroom sessions. Participants will learn how to perform an RCA, properly apply three RCA techniques, develop an effective corrective action plan, and report their findings. Part 2 features multiple exercises on an interesting case study that allows participants to apply the concepts taught. (Note: You can view dates and times for the virtual classroom instruction on our calendar!)


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