And how to implement them in your routine!

The general work environment does so much when it comes to productivity and efficiency in any industry. So giving everyone working in the organization a safe working environment works in the favor of the company and the workers. FIT makes use of four major services in helping companies achieve safety at work. Read on to find out more!

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Advanced Error Reduction in Organization

One of our top services for improving work safety is AERO. This essential service is designed to decrease human error through a combination of Advanced Human Performance methods and Personality Tendency Management techniques. The design works well in reducing the risks of the occurrence of employee injuries and also fatal accidents. The AERO software is tested and recognized for outstanding performance when it comes to reducing hazards.

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Human and Organizational Performance

FIT provides companies with the necessary training to integrate human and organizational performance in the various aspects of their business. This training is designed to suit anyone from different levels of management right to the most entry-level employees. Through the virtual workshops and training seminars, we will work with you on the best approaches to implementing the HOP to your company or business.

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Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Program

Cause analysis dictates that the first step of improving the safety of any company begins by assessing the processes and doing a full investigation. FIT offers mentoring, coaching, and training necessary for the implementation of such strategies. In addition to that, our specialized team will also conduct a cause analysis from previous incidents which will give insights into the client’s cause analysis methods for future references.

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Mobile and Electronic Solutions

While most of our services are concentrated on equipping our clients with technical skills, we also offer mobile and electronic solutions for issues of safety in the workplace. Illumitask, a software from FIT, enables companies to avoid injuries by effectively delivering pre-task briefing and more. 

Reducing incidents and avoiding injuries in any business is essential to achieve optimal efficiency. You don’t want to lose business when your staff is unable to work because of injuries and you’re facing litigation. Contact us today and let’s set you on the road to a better business environment.