Training Workshops

Employee Awareness Workshop


This course is designed to

  • Increase our understanding of human performance fundamentals
  • Increase our understanding of error reduction tools and how to apply them
  • Increase our capability to reduce the errors that affect site events
  • Increase our capability to recognize error traps, error-likely situations and error precursors
  • Improve our capability to communicate human performance issues with supervision and management


  • Understand the basic concepts of human error prevention; including, modes of performance, traps, and triggers
  • Recognize and describe the Top 10 error traps or precursors
  • Using modes of performance (skills, rules, knowledge), predict when an error is most likely to occur
  • Develop a means to recognize individual error traps that are present at work and off-the job
  • Recognize error triggers and how they impact performance
  • Recognize the various types of error prevention tools and when to apply them to help reduce and prevent errors from occurring
  • Practice applying prevention tools that can be used at work and off-the job

Duration & Delivery Format: 8 Hours – Classroom

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