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What Is Human & Organizational Performance?

Human & Organizational Performance (HOP), at its core, is a means of analyzing a company or business’s processes and employee behaviors in order to maximize occupational safety measures. It is a scientific approach to minimize mistakes and potential dangers, all while taking into account aspects like humans’ natural ability to make mistakes and how management responds to workplace safety. Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT) is an organization with over 100 years of expertise in helping companies reduce safety hazards and optimize their day-to-day operations. Our consultants are dedicated to giving you the training and tools needed to completely transform your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

Training & Education With FIT

FIT’s specialists are proud to offer all companies the necessary training to integrate HOP and use it to rethink and improve all aspects of business. Our virtual workshops and training seminars are designed to help different levels of management, from senior leadership positions like managers and supervisors, all the way down to employees. We work with you to implement HOP strategies by laying out everything from setting clear expectations; improving employing training and development; and monitoring progress. Browse a full list of all our training workshops and takes look at our calendar to make sure you take full advantage of all FIT’s opportunities:

Consultant Deployment & Business Coaching

While information about our many virtual workshops are available online, in-person implementation and training is critical to long-term success. FIT offers clients deployed consultants to better assess workplace health and safety hazards and occupational safety guidelines. This process includes intensive on-site and remote assistance to better understand and integrate FIT’s Human & Organizational Performance program. Through our coaching, you’ll experience state-of-the-art, effective mentoring for management, supervisor, and HOP specialists to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to help your company perform at its highest level!

Process Facilitation & Result Assessment

FIT’s training and coaching process is exceptionally hands-on and interactive. Our workplace safety consultants will facilitate communication between management, employees, and different business teams. This process ensures the entire professional body is fully involved in reducing safety hazards and increasing both results and morale. FIT will also help identify any pre-existing potential gaps or roadblocks in achieving excellence through the HOP process; we will also provide experienced recommendations for how to remove those gaps. Take the first step towards a brighter future with us today!

    AERO & illumitask

    Through the process of exploring Human & Organizational Performance, FIT’s specialists set up businesses with two important safety management systems: AERO and illumitask.

    AERO, short for Advanced Error Reduction In Organizations, is described as the next generation of HOP technology and safety management. It involves the creation of systems allowing organizations to reduce human error by tailoring strategies to their unique, individual employees. These personalized, sustainable, and effective solutions are designed to improve general safety practices and employee productivity. In the same vein, Illumitask is a software suite that enables organizations to avoid safety hazards, employee incidents, and accidental injuries; this is achieved through pre-task briefings and reviewing lessons learned for future application.


    Fisher Improvement Technologies is proud to give clients in North Carolina and beyond all the resources they need to increase efficiency and occupational satisfaction. Explore our virtual coaching sessions and educational classes to improve your overall professional performance. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you achieve excellence!


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