Training Courses

Title: Cause Analysis/Corrective Action Program (CAP) for Senior Leadership/Management

Note – this course is tailored somewhat for each client’s specific need for manager education.

Overview: This course increases the capability of senior leadership to provide governance and oversight to the CAP program and specifically high-quality cause analyses.

  • Cause Analysis Overview
  • Objective methods to identifying apparent and root causes, contributing factors, organizational and programmatic failures
  • Risks of over or under analyzing
  • Development of effective corrective actions using the ‘SMART’ concept to resolve issues


  • The attendees will have a better understanding of the processes and techniques required to perform, review and approve more effective cause analyses and corrective actions
  • Understand the graded approach to causal analysis
  • Explain the purpose and importance of cause analyses
  • Aware of the root cause and apparent cause procedures
  • Understand the important elements of cause analyses
  • Understand the techniques and methods required to perform effective root cause (major incident) and minor incident analysis

Duration & Delivery Format: 4 hours – Classroom